Salad & Chillies

Red Capsicums
$2.74 per piece (approx.) $10.95 per kg
Continental Cucumber
$3.50 each
Iceberg Lettuce Each
$4.00 each
Lebanese Cucumber
$1.38 per piece (approx.) $6.90 per kg
Baby Cos Lettuce 2 Pack
$4.50 each $2.25 each
Lettuce Pre-Pack
$4.50 each
Green Capsicums
$2.14 per piece (approx.) $9.95 per kg
Qukes Snacking Baby Cucumbers 250g
$4.50 each $18.00 per kg
Loved By Lunchboxes Kids Cucumbers 750g
$6.00 each $8.00 per kg
Red Chillies
$0.58 per piece (approx.) $29.00 per kg
Alfalfa White Sprouts 125g
$2.00 each
Yellow Capsicums
$3.25 per piece (approx.) $13.00 per kg
Duet Hydro Lettuce
$2.40 each
Flavorite Flavour Bites Sunkissed Caps 175g
$6.00 each $34.29 per kg
Save Food Fight Waste Cool Cucumber Compostable
$3.50 each
Radicchio Each
$4.90 each
Flavorite Sweet Palermo Capsicums 240g
$7.50 each $31.25 per kg
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